Top 3 Free Call Tracking App For Android Cell Phones

While looking for the best call tracking app for your Android phone, you might get confused about which one to choose. As there are different apps offering varieties of features one above another, so to help you in finding the most efficient one, here is a brief overview of 3 free call tracking softwares ruling the Google apps charts these days! Take a look:

Call and SMS Tracker

Free Call And SMS TrackerIt is an intelligent remote tracker software that lets you find the location of the calls made or received by you. Additionally, the location for sent and received SMSs can also be tracked. Call or SMS tracking can be enabled or disabled according to your requirements. Though, when the GPS is turned off, the software tracks down the location.

Steps to Use

  • Firstly, install the app on your Android phone

  • Once installation is complete, go to the main view and enable call and SMS tracking options, as these are disabled by default

  • At any point of time, if you want to disable call and SMS tracking, then simply uncheck the check boxes

  • To clear the data fetched by the app, go to the menu option and get it done

  • To share or export any of the data collected by app, simply go to the export menu option

Apart from the above, this easy to use app lets you set notifications for call and SMS tracks, displayed once in a day.


Mobile Call Tracker

Free Mobile SMS TrackerWith its latest version 1.0 released in June 16, 2013, Mobile tracker application primarily fetches the operator and area of the caller, anywhere in India. This simply means that whether you are in india or any other country, all the calls received by you from india can be tracked.

A few of special features offered by this cell phone call tracking software are:

  • As a user you can receive alerts by setting alert box, notifications and toast

  • All the state codes and operators within india are included in this software

  • For dialogue and bug fixing, there are User Interface(UI) enhancements


Call Tracker

 Free Call Tracker Play StoreUsing this application, you can keep track of your complete call log including incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The best part is that it keeps a record of all the calls by fetching data from SQLite database, from the date is it installed. While installing this software you might have to wait for a few minutes, however this is only a one time job.

Latest Modifications

  • Graphical representation for all calls

  • You can make direct calls and send SMSs using this app

  • Only networks from India are displayed, yet further improvements would be made soon

To find out more about these apps, explore down the google app store today!


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